Biometric Facial Recognition

What is AccuFACE®?

Biometric Facial Recognition
The world’s first truly embedded system

AccuFACE® is a truly embedded facial recognition system that PSP Security designs for access control, time & attendance, and user authentication applications.

Powered by proprietary system design and proven near-infrared ( IR ) facial recognition technologies, AccuFACE® provides superior accuracy and reliability over other facial recognition systems.

Keletec Solutions is the exclusive representation in Singapore for AccuFACE®, including a full installation service.

User friendly and easy to operate

  • The LCD on-screen display provides simple and interactive instructions guiding users to position their faces during authentication. No prior user training is necessary
  • User can stand 45cm~70cm away from terminal to complete authentication in 1 second or less




Web-based system administration

  • User can access to AccuFACE®’s Web-based system administration program from any Web browsers (IE, Apple Safari) to perform system administration and user management
  • CGI-based SDK (Software Development Kit) allows seamless integration with other subsystems (e.g. CMS, NVR)


Powerful system event and image log

  • AccuFACE® can accurately record up to 50,000 system events and take snapshot if required (imposter alarm capability)
  • System event log can be searched and sorted according to time, type, and user identity




  • AccuFACE® has built-in relays and sensors for access control installation. Alternatively, it can connect to an external relay/controller box (EFR-ACC-R1) via RS485 interface to enhance system security
  • Support Wiegand input and output for interfacing external access control devices such as proximity card reader and keypad

Why Accuface?

A truly embedded system

  • Equipped with the most advanced DSP technology, AccuFACE® is an embedded system that requires no external computer to operate
  • Minimizes chance of tampering, saves energy and lowers TCO ( Total Cost of Ownership ) No PC No PC No PC

Near Infrared-based facial recognition technology

  • Reduces interference coming from object background that may affect recognition accuracy
  • Provides superior performance and accuracy over color-based facial recognition authenticate user in <1 second)

Reliable under different environments and conditions

  • Immune to changing light conditions (minimize problem relates to enrollment in light condition A and verification in light condition B)
  • Works under dim light condition or complete darkness
  • Works with users who wear glasses

Internet Protocol (IP) based access control system

  • When used with non IP-based card readers, AccuFACE® converts each card reader into an IP-based card reader without additional cost
  • Fulfills technology trends such as IP-centric environment, remote monitoring, and distributed intelligence to access control point

Energy efficient and compact form factor

  • The smallest form factor among all facial recognition systems
  • Low power consumption (12Watts in operation, <5 Watts in standby mode)
  • Ideal for 24×7 operations and mobile deployment

AccuFACE® Specifications:

  • Standalone terminal, without the need for PC/Server to process
  • < 1 second to authenticate
  • Supports 1:N identification mode and 1:1 verification mode
  • 3.5” TFT Color LCD
  • Capacity: 1000 Users ( EFR-T1A ), 5000 Users ( EFR-T1B )
  • Friendly Web-based management interface
  • Event log with image snapshots
  • High-sensitivity CCD Camera with proprietary IR illuminator
  • Wiegand Input/Output, RS-232, RS-485 interface for connection to external devices ( Card Reader or Keypad )
  • Built-in Relays, Exit Switch, Digital Inputs
  • 10/100 Fast Ethernet; Optional IEEE 802.3af compliant PoE
    (Power over Ethernet)
  • Supports operations under Stand-Alone Mode or Network Mode
  • CGI-based SDK available for integration with 3rd party systems and equipments
  • 12VDC, 1Amp
  • FCC, CE, RoHS-standard compliant