About us

Security involves more than a system

In a rapidly changing world filled with uncertainty, security entails a lot more than just protecting a particular area. It is also the peace of mind you get when you have solutions you can trust and a partner you can count on. Keletec Solutions ensures complete security systems that meet your needs. We strive to improve public safety and mobility through high-quality, reliable, and innovative security solutions.

Complete solutions tailored to meet your needs

We maintain an unyielding commitment to quality and translate customer requirements, needs, and expectations into long-lasting and durable technical solutions that conform to international standards.

We ensure the success of our business partners through strategic and customized solutions. Our technologies are developed specifically for access control, intrusion detection, video management, and surveillance applications. This streamlines our time-to-market even as we tailor each technology and system to meet project requirements.

We can help you verify and control access to any infrastructure and ensure reliable intruder detection systems for applications large and small. These systems protect property without setting up any physical barriers that might hinder business. Our video management solution provides end-users and operators with systems that add intelligence and comfort to surveillance and monitoring. Together with our cameras and analytics solutions, Keletec Solutions guarantees you total oversight and provides you with the means to effectively safeguard your specific situation.